Tenant Responsibilities When Vacating

  1. Do not attempt to patch nail holes in any of the walls as the landlord has the correct materials and know-how to fix them without damaging the walls. There will be a fee for this. We do not charge for pinholes if plaster or drywall is still intact.

  2. Clean the stove completely and floor underneath. The top lifts up for easy cleaning, replace drip pans if they cannot be cleaned to original condition (if applicable). Also clean broiler pan (if applicable).

  3. Clean refrigerator inside, out, and floor underneath. Turn dial to off position and leave door open.

  4. Wipe down all kitchen cabinets inside and out. Clean exhaust fan and hood over stove.

  5. Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.

  6. Wash all windows (inside and out).

  7. Wipe down all woodwork, doors, etc.

  8. Wash walls with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP). Can be purchased at Lowes, Menards, or any paint store.

  9. Clean heaters, floor registers, and radiators in all rooms (outside, inside, bottom, and front).

  10. Vacuum all carpets thoroughly and steam clean. Hardwood floors can be cleaned with Murphy’s Oil Soap or Pledge Hardwood Floor Cleaning Polish. Wax if needed.

  11. Make sure fire extinguisher stays and is fully charged (if applicable).

  12. Clean bathroom floor with damp cloth or mop. Wax if needed.

  13. Clean all bathroom fixtures with correct solutions. (NOTHING ABRASIVE – SUGGESTIONS: BASIN TUB AND TILE CLEANER)

  14. Wipe out vanity drawers, medicine chest, etc. with damp cloth. Clean mirror.

  15. Clean garage thoroughly, woodwork, doors, heater, floor (if applicable).

  16. Replace burned out light bulbs and fluorescent lights with original wattage and correct type bulb (candelabra, globe, standard, etc.).

  17. Clean and sweep patio and deck. Mow grass, trim , and pull weeds. If dogs were allowed in lease, all dog droppings must be picked up. Sweep sidewalk. Sweep basement and steps (if applicable). Dust for cobwebs. NOTE: The above items only pertain if you have access to them during tenancy.

  18. Wipe off all closets

  19. All mini-blinds and valances must be washed.

  20. Make sure all smoke alarms are up. Replace batteries if necessary. All pest eradicators should be left plugged in.

  21. Make sure all screens and storm windows are replaced in correct window (i.e. if removed for an air conditioner).

  22. Any damage done by tenant bust be repaired or replaced so dwelling is in same condition as when rented.

  23. Contact all utilities for disconnect.

  24. In general, make sure everything is repaired and clean.

  25. Return all keys (apartment, mailbox, storage, and garage) and garage door opener (if applicable) to Locators and lock apartment door. (A $25.00 charge will be imposed for failure to return all keys). Leave note including your forwarding address and telephone number. Security deposit will be returned after vacating premises if the provisions of the lease agreement are compiled with, but not limited to compliance with the following:

  26. That the apartment is left in clean, undamaged, and rent-able condition to be determined by the owner or manager. Iowa law states: owner has thirty (30) days from tenants move-out date to settle security deposit with tenant, and will mail to the forwarding address.

  27. Items listed on your move-in check list that were not corrected upon move-in are not your responsibility.

Persistence & patience pay off in cleaning. It usually takes a full day to clean thoroughly. Sometimes it may take longer!