Locators Ltd. is a full service leasing and property management company. Our professional services will help you relieve the stress of owning a rental property. Sit back and let our team take care of your real estate needs. Call 563.556.1414 or email

Leasing Services

We can procure a tenant for your apartment or house for a fee equal to 1/2 month’s rent, which is not due until the first rental payment. We handle everything from advertising, property showings and tenant screenings. We take an active approach to marketing our rentals. Advertising starts immediately by posting a yard or window sign on the property and we begin our agressive internet posting on our website and multiple other real estate and rental websites. Our marketing is seen by hundreds of potential tenants. We are always available to show vacancies and follow up on every lead we receive. A rigorous credit, income and credit screening is done on every applicant and includes a criminal background check. Thorough investigation into each prospective tenant is imperative to ensure a qualified tenant will be occupying your property.

Property Management

After a tenant is secured, you can choose to have us provide full management of your property for an addititional 10%, which is paid monthly out of the rent proceeds. There are no hidden fees and no maintenance markups. Your tenant is provided with phone numbers for maintenance issues and all service is documented. We handle rent collection, day to day repairs as needed and provide monthly statements with your rent proceeds, which may be electronically deposited.

Our services include:

  • Exceptional Resident Screening
    • We pride ourselves with our extensive and extremely thorough resident screening process. We not only pull credit, we perform a complete background, credit, and criminal check on each of our applicants over the age of 18. Because of this, our properties enjoy greater stability, much lower turnover and longer lease terms than most of our competition.
      • We pull a national credit report on each applicant 18 years of age or older
      • We run a nation-wide criminal, credit, and background check on each adult applicant.
      • We varify no applicants have been previously evicted or owe money to a landlord or prior management company.
      • We verify each applicant’s employment and rental references and cross reference them with the credit report.
  • Electronic Banking
    • Our latest technology allows us to accept online tenant rent payments for faster processing and quick turnaround times. On the owner side, we electronically transfer monthly owner contributions directly into your bank account so they arrive as scheduled every month. No guess work, quick, simple, and safe! Paper checks are a thing of the past!