Renting Information

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How Do I Rent From Locators Ltd?

  • Pick up a rental list and drive by all the possibilities. Be sure you like the area and school districts.
  • Call our friendly staff at Locators to set up an appointment to view our listings.
  • Once you have found the dwelling of your choice, stop at our office to fill out our application or download a copy of our application and email it to:
  • The following are required:
    1. The required security deposit (Usually half of the deposit is required at application submission with balance due at move in).
    2. A $25 processing fee is required for each applicant over 18
    3. Two names and phone numbers of past/present landlords.
    4. Two names and phone numbers of personal references.
    5. A valid photo ID (drivers license, etc.)
  • Processing time varies. We strive to process all applications between 48-72 hours.
  • Your deposit will be returned if your application is not approved by owner/manager.(Less $25.00 Processing Fee) per applicant.

Potential Renter Information

  • All houses/apartments are smoke free unless authorized in writing.
  • Many of our homes/apartments are pet friendly.
  • Forms of payment accepted:
    • ACH (Automatic Withdrawal)
    • Personal Check
    • Credit or Debit (in office and online here)
    • Money Orders
  • If you make an appointment with us, please be considerate should your plans change. We will be glad to reschedule.
  • Curious what your utilities will cost for your selected house/apartment? These companies take the last 12 months of bills, add them together, and divide by 12 to give you and estimated pay figure.
  • We consider each applicant’s criminal background thoroughly before approval or denial. The following list will give you an idea of what we look for on your background.
    • Criminal convictions that present a risk to other residents’ safety or property
    • Nature and severity of an individual’s conviction
    • Amount of time that has passed since the criminal conduct occurred
    • Illegal manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance
  • The chart below will give you and us a good indication of your payment history.