Rental Rules and Regulations

  1. Comply with all obligations primarily imposed upon Tenants by applicable provisions of building and housing codes.

  2. Keep the rented premises clean and safe, in accordance with the city housing code.

  3. Dispose of all ashes, rubbish, garbage and other waste bagged in acceptable refuse bags in the containers provided or in accordance with applicable city codes.

  4. Not to dispose of anything other than human waste products in toilet. Set excess waste on the curb no earlier than the eve of collection day. NEVER EVER pour grease down any drain. Any plumbing costs due to a violation of this will be at Tenant’s expense. Tenant agrees to report any defective condition in the rented premises and Tenant agrees to pay for any additional costs incurred by Landlord for Tenant’s failure to immediately report to Landlord any dripping faucet or running toilet.

  5. Use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other facilities and appliance in the rented premises. Tenants use of extension cords are limited to cords with electrical breakers as specified by applicable city codes.

  6. Not destroy, deface, damage, alter, paint, remodel, impair, or remove a part of the dwelling unit or knowingly permit a person to do so.

  7. Conduct himself/ herself in a manner that will not disturb a neighbors peaceful enjoyment or his/her or their premises.

  8.  Use the highest degree of care in maintaining the rented premises in the same condition as when first rented by the Tenant. Tenant agrees to thoroughly clean all floors, bathroom fixtures, and appliances before vacating premises and agrees to pay reasonable cleaning charges for noncompliance.

  9. Not to litter or damage those areas outside the rented premise owned by the Landlord, and not to leave furniture or appliances on lawns, porches, or sidewalks.

  10. Reimburse the Landlord for damages arising out of any acts of Tenant or Tenant’s visitors.

  11. Utilize sufficient heat so as to prevent freezing of water pipes.

  12. Close all doors, windows, and storm windows during the heating season.

  13. Replace Light bulbs as they burn out and leave all light sockets with proper functioning light bulbs in the rented premises at the end of the Rental Agreement.

  14. Not add or move telephone and television outlets with out the Landlord’s written consent.

  15. Never climb on or use the roof of any part of the premises, except for escape from fire.

  16. Refrain from any unlawful activities in the rented premises. Any unlawful activity is considered a breach of this Rental Agreement and will result in eviction. Proper authorities will also be notified of any unlawful activities.

  17. Notify the Landlord on or before the 1st day of any extended absence (one week or more) from the rented premises.

  18. Limit stay of guest or visitors to less than seven (7) days and nights per month and give written notice to the Landlord of guest or visitors. Breach of this rule could be construed as an authorized sublet.

  19. Test smoke detectors weekly and advise Landlord of any problems. Tenant is responsible for battery replacement and maintenance of same.

  20. Transfer utilities for which Tenant is responsible to Tenant’s account proper to occupancy. Utilities no switched after the third (3rd) day of occupancy may be disconnected. Tenant agrees to use utilities provided by Landlord in a reasonable and not in a wasteful manner.

  21. Not to host gatherings where abuse of the neighbors’ peace and privacy is involved or abuse of the rented premises is involved. This includes beer parties.

  22. Not store any personal property on the public decks, hallways, on the steps, or attached to the steps. All such property will be considered as abandoned property and such property will be discarded without notice.

  23. Not discard tires, batteries, appliance and furniture in the outside refuse containers, or beside the containers.

  24. Not use any open flame devices, candles, kerosene lamps, halogen lamps, space heater or hazardous waste. Any discoloring of the walls due to smoke will be painted by a professional painter at the Tenant’s expense.

  25. Do not store any personal property in any furnace closet or near the water heater.

  26. Bicycles will be stored outside of building.

  27. Landlords hold no responsibility for any damage to personal items stored in basement.

  28. Only outdoor furniture is allowed on the front porch. (no indoor couches, chairs, tables, etc.)

  29. Smoking is prohibited inside units.

  30. No waterbeds will be permitted.

  31. If new locks are needed on the entry doors for any reason, the management to retain our master lock system must replace them.

  32. All wall hangings to be hung by small screws or small nails. Duct tape on the wall or carpet is prohibited, and tenant is responsible for damages due to duct tape.

  33. See Abandonment Clause in our lease on page one.