Mobile Pay

Great news! Locators LTD is now able to accept payments online!

We have recently set up the option for tenants and prospective tenants to make payments via PayPal. Using our new “Make a Payment” form, you can now request an invoice that will be sent to your email. This invoice will provide you with a link that will take you to an online payment terminal.

Why an invoice? Invoice requests allow us to better track who is paying and for what reason. Because we have multiple units, we need to know the name, address, unit, and the payment reason of each payer. With a PayPal “Pay Now” button (which would take you directly to a payment screen), there are no options to include your address, name, or unit. This would prevent us from knowing where to credit the payment. With an invoice that we send to you, we can enter the amount you request, your address, your unit, and the reason for which you are paying into the invoice. This helps keep track of each payment and allows us to credit the payment to the proper tenant.

Interested in making your payments online? Visit our payment form here.